That’s when the journey from an idea to a fastest growing 
startups in the region started and is still ongoing

What does "Mndoob" mean?

Mndoob platform pioneered the on-demand service fulfillment model in the region, by establishing a massive customer-to-customer network through a generic chat-based ordering experience, allowing users to be creative and unconstrained in describing the service needed, and giving the couriers the option to bid with their price they see fit, ensuring a fully scalable and self-regulating model.










Riyals in GMV

Who can use Mndoob now?

Besides customers looking for on-demand help and couriers looking
for an extra flexible source of income, Mrsool offers a number of 
business solutions built on the platform's on-demand model, such as:

On-Demand Logistics

Get instant access to thousands of on-demand couriers
in your city to offer on-demand delivery for your
eCommerce customers withinhours.

In-App Listing

Promote your business for millions of users around
you, one-clickaway from converting to loyal customers!

Restaurant Ordering Solution

Manage inbound eCommerce orders from Mrsool seamlessly, as you start preparing the order while the courier is on the way, guaranteeing an express service to your customers they've never experienced before!

Our Life in MNDOOB

The environment, open space, flexible, fun, 
aound the clock, around the region.

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