Anything from
anywhere in your

What is Mndoob?

Mndoob is one of the largest delivery platform in the region. Mndoob's unique on-demand experience earned it the highest user ratings amongst all the other large delivery platforms both in Apple’s App Store and Google's Play store. In 2018, Mrsool reported GMV exceeding 1 billion SR and more than 6 million registered users. Mndoob provides a true order anything from anywhere experience, only possible by our huge fleet of registered on-demand couriers anything from anywhere with a huge fleet of registered couriers.

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Reach Millions of Customers

Mndoob for Business provides your business an access to a huge user base, whether you want to transform to on-demand eCommerce, or simply looking for an additional channel, Mndoob is always there to help!

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How Do We Do It?

By building an intuitive product that mimics and facilitates generic service fulfillment,
so the simple answer was to provide users with three things.

Personalized Delivery

Control your delivery experiences
in real-time through an open
chat with your courier

Flexible Bidding System

Service prices are determined
beforehand through our bidding
system, giving customers the
freedom to choose from multiple
service providers

Integrated Map Solution

Pick anywhere on the map for 
your delivery order, and track
your order in real-time

How It Work ?

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the application !!